i fucking love hello eden

how long will this go on?
quit looking for somebody its time you looked for yourself
how long will this go on?
and its safe to say she never found this kind of love for herself
shes terrified to be alone
she wants someone to call her own
and all this time
in the dark waiting for someone to just
come along and sweep her off her feet
picture this lonely girl if you can understand
i was born just like you i was born in those shoes
how long will this go on?
and its safe to say she never found the kind of love for herself

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i did some photography today, with andrew and kevin.
i need a digital slr. like now.
good times. we went to the botanical gardens in ringwood.
it's so incredibly beautiful there. i love that place.
i almost feel .. at peace, when i'm there.

we then met up with aaron, his brother, and some gay kid from best buy.
went to dog park for more pictures.
another fuckin' beautiful place.

the past week has been good.
i'm doing good.
i am okay.

words give things power.
words. give. things. power.

and i'm getting real disgusted with drama.

but, i miss you. regardless.

but hey, what can you?
i only know that i can change. everything else just stays the same
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Auto response from soul spills: soul spills: sorry for like.. running into your house with my car, and all
xxstealyourface: hahah
xxstealyourface: its ok
xxstealyourface: no damage done
soul spills: =D
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+got a pet snake
+got a sweet new computer
+got my system installed in my car
+dyed my hair purple

-real confused about everything and everyone